Diary of a married lady starting out on a domestic discipline relationship with her husband. For mature eyes.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

paying bills

It has been a few days since I posted because I forgot to pay the bill for the internet service. Of course, you can imagine what happened for that! I told him what I had done and he was nice enough not to start yelling at me. I was soon over his knee getting a hard spanking though. I can't say that I enjoyed the experiance much but it was better than the fight we would have had before we started on this venture. The spanking hurt like the dickens but was soon over and we went on about our weekend without any hitches. I was also treated to a lesson on how to organize my paperwork so this doesn't happen again. So far, I find the who way of life advantagous even though the actual spanking part isn't enjoyable if it is a punishment. Different story for erotic spankings.

Bye for now

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I just have a few minutes before I must run out the door but I thought I would get something off my chest. I signed up for google adware. I don't know if that was a mistake or not. I did notice that the ad for my blog was for getting help for abused women. I feel very sympathetic towards abused women. If I could get my hands on some of the abusers they would think hard before they did it again. However, I don't think having the padded part of my bottom spanked qualifies as abuse. Especially since I am the one who suggested bringing this into our relationship. I don't want to drop names to much but there are a couple of sites that have been helpful to me. One is Taken in Hand. Another is Bethany's Woodshed which is the first place I looked. They have fiction as well as practial advice. I looked at loving domestic discipline and my husband used their advice for the proper technique for spanking me. They seem a little to hung up on spanking to me. Like the guys like it to much. My husband likes giving me an erotic spanking but doesn't want to discipline me. I guess to each his own but I don't think anyone who knows me would consider me abused or a candidate for abuse.

first discipline

Well, a milestone has been reached. I got my first discipline spanking. I know that this is what everyone says but I can't believe how much it hurts. My ass is still on fire and it has been a half hour. I know that this wasn't even a severe spanking. Enough to keep me in line for a while though. I went for a while writing down what I ate in my journal like I told my hubby I would. Then I realized he wasn't reading it every day. So I took a break from it. If anyone is reading this and could answer a question for me I would appreciate it. Why would I do something that I know is going to get me punished? No, I don't think I subconscously wanted it. I am ready to try to be good for a while to avoid another one. Of course, tommarrow or Saturday I have my lesson again. My hubby is looking forward to it. I am too. It is different than being punished. Send me answers if you can. Still can't believe how much it stings. I am willing to write in my diary and stay away from the chocolate.

I have been at this for about two weeks and I have no scale but I can tell my clothes are looser. Almost worth the pain but I wouldn't have said so a little while ago.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

my lesson

Soon after my husband and I decided that we would try domestic discipline we thought out my weekly lesson. It is a lesson in submission. I have to admit it sounds rather worse than it actually is. I agreed to submit to the proceedure once a week on either Friday or Saturday night. This is a good night for him as it allows him to unwind at the beginning of the weekend. First I made myself ready for him. I bathed and put on a nice nightie. Than I waited for him. It was part of the agreement that my lesson would begin when he was ready for me. I have to admit that the thought of waiting for ball games to finish doesn't sound all that appealing to me. I also got our little one off to bed. Finally, he called me into the bedroom. I was a little nervous over what was about to happen to me. He sat down on the edge of the bed and asked me to stand beside him. I told him how my week had went and anything that I felt I should improve on for the future. This is short. Men want women to get to the point. I told him I didn't think I had done a good enough job cleaning the house this week. Then, he looked down at me and told me what I needed to improve on. This week, I have to stop biting at my nails and keep them manicured. (I don't seem to want to bite them as much since we started dd). Then he told me to undress myself. This was the first time I undressed for a spanking. It is quite humbling to have to tell your man where you missed it during your week, have him tell you where you came up short in his eyes and then undress your own ass for a spanking. He chose to bend me over some pillows. I didn't complain or try to get out of it although I really did want to. Suddenly, this wasn't all that much fun. Smack! I gripped the pillows and yelped as the sting spread across my tail. Dispite reading about DD, I didn't know it would sting that much. Smack! I yelped, I had said I wouldn't but I did. By the time my ass had been smacked ten times I was squelling into my pillow. I remember telling my husband to stop--it hurts. He rubbed my poor stinging tail for a second and then said,"honey, thats the point, its supposed to". When he felt I had enough (it wasn't to long, I didn't commit any major offenses this week) he turned me over and sat me on the floor. With my bare red tail planted on the floor I had to thank him properly for disciplining me right then and during the week. This envolved a great deal of his man hood and the back of my throat. I never did enjoy this, still don't but agree with my husband that it makes a great addition to a submission lesson. When he tired of my mouth I was instructed to lean over the bed. I was then treated to a hard cock sliding up my ass. For any who haven't been initiated, this treatment will definitely leave a lady knowing who is in charge. Well, he made through work of screwing my ass. I let out little yelps the whole time. Somewhere during the process, they changed from yelps of pain to yelps of pleasure and I felt myself clench in orgasm.

Afterward we both felt relaxed. I know my husband enjoyed being treated to my ass but I think there is more than that. He knows that I have submitted not only to his discipline but also to his pleasure. I feel relaxed knowing that whatever I did last week won't be brought up again against me. I've already paid for my crimes. I am actually looking forward to the next lesson, coming this weekend. My bottom ached all day Sunday but it just reminded me of what had happened. I find I liked carrying that reminder with me. I was taken out to dinner as a reward for being a good girl. I find myself wanting to please him more both in and out of our bed but that is the subject of another post.


Monday, January 16, 2006


This year, I decided that I would do something different for my New Year's resolution. I know I need to loose some weight so I thought about going on a diet. Trouble is, I have been on diets before and as soon as I get hungry or somthing gets really tempting I give in. What I needed was motivation. The thought came to me a a joke at first. Why not ask my husband if he would discipline me if I broke the diet. This led to a fascinating afternoon on the web where I found out there is such a thing as DD. I am hooked. I had to introduce the idea to my husband. It took him about two days to figure out that this works more to his advantage than against it. It took him about the same amount of time to figure out that dieting was the least of his concerns. If he could enforce obedience on one subject, he could enforce them on all subjects. I have grown a little to attached to reading about spanking, looking at web sites, etc. I have yet to find one where the hubby monitors diet. Some are a little wilder than I can imagine my husband and I getting. After all, he does love me and I don't think he would do anything to me worse than leaving my ass sore for a day or two.

I have had three spankings in that time although none of them have been for punishment. They were more like testing the waters. This is what I have learned so far. First, it hurts. He has yet to use anything but his hand on me but it was enough to wake me right up. Therefore, I don't want to find out what getting punished feels like. Second, it makes me feel calmer. Not while I'm getting it, but afterwards. I've noticed that I just don't act as nervious or engage in nervious habits as much. Third, I feel much more grateful to my husband. I know how odd that sounds but I find I appreciate what he does for me more. I want to please him more and not just to save my tush.

There is so much more to say that I could just go on and on. Thus the blog. I think I'll stop for now and work on one subject to concentrate on tommarow. Will definitely report back how my discipline goes. I've been on the diet for two weeks and haven't cheated. I've wanted to but the idea makes the skin on my%